Forever 21 leggings//ETSY western shoes//Thrifted blouse

I have officially settled back in my apartment for school. Its my last semester, so I'm hoping it goes by fast. I honestly have no desire to go to class and pay attention, so instead I stare out windows day dreaming about cats, wine and napping. This is bad 0.O

As for my outfit, I've had those leopard leggings for YEARS and I'm pretty sure I've worn them twice in my life. Its one of those pieces that I bought on a whim and every time I attempt to wear them I always changed my mind at the last minute, just as I'm about to leave the house. I don't know why that is, perhaps because they attract a lot of stares. I just fucking love leopard print.

Oh, and for those say leggings are not pants...you're right, they are not. They're leggings and they are fucking adorable.

xxx, yvonne

I have more dreams than you have posters of your favorite teams.


Lovers in love.

if another lover
takes their love away from you
be careful with your mind
what you're bound to do
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Hey guys! I'll be back later this week with a real post but first I need your help. I started a new internship for marketing and I need people to follow me on twitter. I'm trying to get connected through all types of social networking..(tumblr,twitter,facebook..). So help me out and follow me! Thanks :)

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Sit down and dream.

UO//Tank Top
I haven't gone shopping in a very long time in order to save up money for my new apartment. The rent is pretty cheap but I'm literally saving from $0. I know my mom will help me with the rent but I think its time for me to grow up and learn some real responsibilities. From saving money in the past 3 weeks I never realized how much petty cash I would throw around that seriously adds up. Stupid things like coffee and chapstick(I have a real addiction to buying lip things). It is just way too easy for me to spend money on stuff like that because I always have cash on me. I wait tables so I always have cash at handy. Always.

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that I'm very fond of buying new clothes because I get bored easily. My new objective in my personal style is to create new outfits with what I already have. Unfortunately, I fear that I'm boring my readers but more importantly myself. I know its a little sad to say this but I feel more comfortable when I like what I wear. Its like wearing makeup. For some people it makes them feel better because they are more confident.

Ohhh look at me sounding all materialistic and vain :/


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H&M//Denim jacket
H&M//Black Shorts
I'm feeling a little lazy today but I really wanted to update my blog. I haven't seen this shirt in so long I almost forgot I had it. I walked into my room last night and it was sitting on my bed. Apparently, its been hiding out in my mom's closet. She decided to clean it out and found it. I don't know who the girl on my shirt is(probably just a random portrait) but I've gotten suggestions such as Michael Jackson, Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Jesus.
My next post will not be as lazy. I promise.
XX, Yvonne


Big Indian.

Chinatown Boutique//Over-sized sweater
F21//Denim shorts
Target//Ring & feathered earrings
Blue Away by Sally Hansen. This is my favorite at the moment. I love that pastel colors are in at the moment. Perfect for spring/summer.
you never get wise, you only get older
and most things, you never know why
but that's fine