the beauty and the suffering

urbanoutfitters shirt & bag, zara shorts, doc martens
i'm watching Nightmare on Elm Street tonight. eeeeeeeeeeeek! i'm so excited!!! i've been waiting for this movie to come out for so long; and fortunately i don't have to force anyone to watch it with me because all my friends are horror movie freaks like me :)


there's a sound and the smell of love on my mind

zara jacket, uniqlo shirt, target necklace



i did some cleaning and found these shoes underneath my bed. i haven't seen them in a long time. they're a bit roughed up but still pretty. i bought them from aldo's.
then end of the semester is near and i can't wait for summer! i'm going to Paris and hopefully Hong Kong. i really don't want to be home this summer. i want to get away as far as possible.


intoxicated by your bloodshot stares

pac sun ripped jeans, h&m lace tank, charlotte russe cropped sweater, old navy sandals
new favorite drugstore lipstick. mauve-ulous by maybelline.
song of the day is Anger Management by Lovage.
The album, Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By, is one of my personal favorites.


❤ ❤ ❤

the bottom of my teacup. i like the whole teacup itself, too :P
poster, tweety, bird jewelry holder(kind of bare at the moment, i know)
basic cosmetics in my makeup bag.
memories posted on my mirror.


i'm just a childhood prisoner of the garden gate

urban outfitters dress, old navy cardigan, h&m stockings, wild pair oxfords, thrifted necklace, d&b purse
i've been housebound for 2 days. i need to get out. i need sunlight.


Wouldn't I love, love to explore that world up above?

urban outfitters dress, h&m stockings, thrifted jacket & necklace
i'm sick :*( i have a sore throat and my whole body aches. i spend half the day sleeping and the other half watching disney movies. beauty and the beast and the little mermaid, on VHS! hahahaha. yes i still own a VCR. apparently the last time i watched it, which was a bajillion years ago i didn't rewind.
i hate that food has no taste when your sick. blarg.


we couldn't feel as free

blouse from bou bou, headband from target
song of the day is Two Ways by The 1900s


i guess i'm young but i feel so weary.

urban outfitters shirt, h&m stockings, thrifted skirt & purse, vintage belt



fleamarket jacket, uniqlo pants
old navy sandals


a kick in the teeth

romantic comedies are my favorite kinds of movies. i re watched Dedication today but its more of a dark comedy. i suggest watching it if you like movies that make you wish you had a boyfriend. hehe.


an owl and a zebra

zara shirt & shorts, vintage belt, target necklace


i want to feel everything

summer shoes that i bought from London last summer. a store called Dune. the moment i saw these shoes i fell in love. they were pricey, though. i think they were around 60 pounds? so, 90 US dollars...if i did the math correctly. i remember circling around the store a few times. left, came back, left again and then came back and bought them. that's what i do when i find something i really love but are expensive. i get indecisive...because, well, its expensive, but i always get it in the end. thank god it doesn't happen too often. besides, i was in London! it was reason enough to splurge :)
song of the day is Mantra by The Lovetones
new favorite band. they are like sex for the ears.
the link above is a live video so if you want to hear a studio version google mantra by lovetones and click the very first link


$3 margaritas and vintage things

mango margarita
and vegan soy beef tacos. Mmmmmm!
one man's garbage is another man's treasure
mirror shot
new cardigan. a lot of the buttons are loose so i'm going to sew them tighter.


Orpheus melted the heart of Persephone

h&m blouse & skirt, target owl necklace, thrifted purse
the weather today was a high 76. i really do love spring. not looking forward to summer though. too hot :/
i really adore this outfit. so simple and spring. the owl necklace adds a nice touch to it :) i thrifted the purse from good will a few months ago and i've only used it once or twice. i have so many vintage purses that are so cute and small but don't really use too often. i collect them. i think i will do a post one day and show you them :)