I'm the pretty prince of parties

Kenneth Cole velvet red blazer, vintage white cardigan and socks, Wild Pair oxfords, H&M derby hat
The Melting Pot's chocolate fondue. Yum!
Teardrop by Massive Attack.


I've got Paris in my room.

me in Lille, France One Silver Dollar by Gianni Ferrio.


after all the jacks are in their boxes

American Eagle jacket, thirfted shoes, bag and necklace, vintage scarf
The "big" snow storm that all the news channels were keeping an eye on. I think we only got an inch, tops. I love and hate snow. Its pretty the first day and then it gets ugly and dirty after that. The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix. A classic and beautiful song. It was on the radio today and I went home and added to my youtube favs. I've keep listening to it over and over again.


once again, somebody was up to no good.

Hat from H&M, shirt from 2%, stockings are vintage
Lovage: To Catch A Thief Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By is one of my top favorite albums. Every single track is off the hook! It feels like something that should be in a Quentin Tarantino flick. I should have embed the whole album but I decided to not go over board. I picked by playing Eeeny, meeny, miny, moe ;)


i have a thing for abandoned buildings.

Letchworth Village. Built in 1909. Opened in 1911. Shut down in 1996 A facility for feeble minded and epileptics.
This hospital housed patients with serious mental illness. Back then people didn't know what to do with their children because they simple didn't understand what a mental illness was. They were sent to Letchworth Village because they thought it was for the best. During the 90's there was a news break and they found out that patients have been treated horribly. Women were being raped and forced to get abortions. Some patients were taken home by the staff to make them do work around their house. Since it shut down this place has been a place for kids to get drunk, gang meetings, paint ball fights and the homeless to sleep. Its been set on fire a few times and vandalized in every way possible. Everything is still there. From documents of patients who were admitted there to laundry baskets filled with dirty linen. The whole places seems as though people just got up one day and never came back. Its an eerie place and yet so interesting. I've been there in 90 degree weather and the inside of the building is so cold, its like winter. I believe there are spirits still trapped in there.


watching the detectives

Vintage shirt, scarf and bag, Steve Madden lace up boots New shoes. I'm in love. A homemade boat race on the Hudson river. I saw this while hiking on the mountain. Me and my friend thought it was lump of trash when we saw it with our naked eye; so I took a picture of it and it turned out to be a boat filled with people! This is actually a really old photo. One of the coolest things I saw.


Just before I blink I realize I'm jinxed.

Vintage blouse, skirt, knee highs and clutch, Seychelle heels, UO knit hat
I really need school to end now. 2 finals and 2 photo projects left. My brain is on the verge of exploding. At least its the weekend?


I stop, I think, I really need a drink.

BouBou shirt, H&M scarf, Good Will bag, Wild Pair oxfords
I went thrifting this past weekend and bought a new purse from Good Will. I always find really cute purses from there. I bought another one too. Its a light pink clutch with floral designs and a gold chain attached to it. I've been using the brown one pictured above like crazy. Its so simple and it goes with almost anything. Time Will Tell by DUB FX: Please please please listen to this song! My friend was blasting this song while driving and the beat is amazing. What really made me love this song was the girl's vocals. While you're at it listen to some of his other songs. Love it.


Brooklyn Scene

Saturday night in Brooklyn. Station 171. Music, dancing and partying. It was my friend's birthday and it was a great night. The band(Shwizz) we were there to see went on at 3 AM and it was so worth it. The whole night leading up to the show was blast.


mustard?! don't let's be silly!

2% mustard jacket, thrifted dress, Wild Pair oxfords, handmade knitted scarf
I draw sometimes. I'm not much of an artist though. I have to be able to see the object to be able to draw it really well. I can't use my imagination. In other words, I can copy. I submitted 3 of my photographs to be put on display at my school. I hope one of them makes it up there.


heaving devotion but it's just no good

H&M bowler hat, vintage dress, stockings and shoes, Nomi booties
Do you like the dragonflies on my stockings? I wish they were more visible. I've owned this dress for a couple of years now. I don't know where its from. I think my mom brought it back from Hong Kong. Anyways, when I first saw this dress I thought it was so ugly so I threw it aside. I got really bored today and decided to rummage through old and unused clothes from my hallway closet. I tried this on and decided that I liked it. This is why I never throw away clothes unless they don't fit anymore. This isn't my camera. Its borrowed from school for my B&W photography class. The flash is missing but I'm not really suppose to use it anyway. Its Pentax ZX-M.