I'll put assassins in your little head

vintage shirt, forever 21 necklace, target ring, h&m bangles
going to Atlantic City tonight with 2 of my girlfriends. lets see if i make it home alive tomorrow. man, i love summer vacations. xoxo,


i've been trying to find my mantra

h&m shirt/target ring/forever 21 necklace
it lifts me up
it drags me down
the beauty and the suffering
the fine line burns inside my crown
i want to feel everything
a seed that becomes a flower
an elephant with a flower in the middle and missing 3 diamonds on my flower ring.
i want to be free of hate and fear
i went looking deep inside my soul
looking for a place that's real
i went looking for my mantra
i've been trying to find the answer
making sense of all
i see, i know
ever try so hard to look for something but never stopped to think that it was right in front of you this whole time? this is how i feel at the very moment.
i'm being cryptic.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i look like a birthday present. my mom bought it for me but i guess she didn't realize how big it is. its cute when my mom buys me things. she's always trying to dress me up since the day i was born.
a ring from target.
Coraline is such a great movie. one of my favorites by far. it was beautiful and imaginative. kind of the same reason why i loved alice in wonderland so much. it has the same feel. going into another world to get away from your own. like alice going down the rabbit hole.
but everything is not as it seems.

I got words for this and the way it fits

forever 21 dress & necklace, h&m jacket and bracelets
Every tuesday we and my friend get $3 margaritas and tacos at this small vegetarian place in town. its delicious. The peach margaritas are the bomb :)
the mess we made once the food got to our table. vegetarian soy beef tacos.
Emily Wells. Symphony number 6. this girl is the definition of talent. how does someone get to be so multi talented like that? the loops she does live is simply amazing. i really want to see her live.


when you're tossing, when you turn in your sleep, it's because i'm ghosting your dreams

thrifted jacket, h&m tank top, shorts & bracelets, forever 21 necklace
my mother's clogs.
has anyone been seeing a lot of these rubber band shapes lately? children are going ape shit over these things. they trade and collect them. my friends little sister gave me this one. i have to admit that they are kind of cute.
song of the day is Ghosting by Mother Mother
a new band i got introduced to. i really love this song :)
my week has been one giant shit show. all my friends came back from school for the summer and i can already tell that its going to be an awesome summer.


☂ ☂ ☂ ☂

forever 21 floral romper, lucky brand cropped cardigan, vintage woven belt, thrifted purse & necklace, h&m ring & bangles
Rewatched one of my favorite romantic comedies today. Delirious with Michael Pitt and Alison Lohman. Its about a homeless boy that falls in love with a famous singer(kind of like a britney spears character). it's not as dumb as it sounds. or maybe it is? i'm a sucker for these kind of movies.
took off my cardigan to show off my pretty frills.
my favorite necklace! i got it from goodwill a few years ago. i goes with pretty much everything.
thank you to all who sent me tips to place in Paris! i'm going to trying and fit all those things in. so much to do in those 10 days. i wish i can stay there longer.
seriously, sometimes i really wish i could have my soundtrack playing in real life. like a movie. life would be so much better that way. this would be my theme song while i'm walking. stand up by prodigy.


i forgive you boy, but don't leave town

i cannot wait for Paris :) do i have any readers that live in Paris of have been there and can tell me about places i should go to. like places to eat and shop? perhaps a very good cafe?? i'm learning a few French phrases hopefully i don't sound too horrible.
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free people cardigan, forver 21 shirt, primark bag, h&m ring
i don't know if you can tell but the cardigan is two-toned. the sleeves are beige and the rest is white.


✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

h&m jacket, bou bou blouse, zara heels
when i was younger, Alice in Wonderland was my favorite disney movie. i remember wanting to live in the house the white rabbit lived in.
i got this white blouse from my favorite store Bou Bou.
jewelry from target, h&m and tiffany, quilted bag from oasis
So classes for me are officially over and my summer vacation can start! I can't wait to go to Paris next month! but unfortunately I'm no longer going to Hong Kong. I'm moving to upstate New York the end of August for school and i need to save up some money.


your shooting stars from the barrel of your eyes

what is happening to the weather? it was so cold the past few days. its killing my spring buzz.
h&m jacket & ring, bou bou shirt, target & forever 21 necklace, vintage scarf, thrifted purse, hat from one of those street stands in the city
i thrifted these shoes from goodwill for $3. a really awesome find.
me and my sister got my mom personalized M&Ms for mother's day. it came with 3 big bags of M&Ms and gumball machine.


pennies falling in my lap

h&m romper, fleamarket cardigan, thrifted purse
guess rings, tiffany & target bracelets
my dear owl necklace :)
favorite sandals from dune
the spring weather has been so beautiful lately. wind on a sunny day is the best. i'm going into town with a friend to sip coffee, talk nonsense and people watch. people do interesting things when they think others are not watching. mostly embarrassing ;)
song of the day is Get Back by Veruca Salt