and my heart...my heart stays in the lead

thrifted cardigan & purse, forever 21 dress, target necklace
these are my favorite flats ever!! i don't wear them as much anymore because they really worn out. it really makes me sad because these shoes are truly one of a kind. i bought them from a little boutique in Hong Kong and i love them to pieces.
i love the detail of my dress.
my heart stays in the lead.


Would you please speak up, I can't hear with these clouds in my ears

target cardigan, somewhere stripped shirt, uniqlo pants, thrifted moccasin-esq shoes
the weather today is absolutely gorgeous(i'm starting to wonder why i'm blogging instead of being outside). 85 degrees with a nice cool breeze. thats how summer should always be.
target rings and a whole bunch of bracelets. i forget where they are from.
close up of my flower ring. i have to say, it is my new favorite.
send money for the caterpillars to entertain.


give me what you have, dear

my hounds tooth bag and ripped flats. the bag is from laila rowe and flats are from shi. i've had these shoes for a few years now. they've gotten pretty vintage looking now since they're a bit ripped and ratty.
blue moons have taken over my summer. its my favorite beer. a few of these while watching the sunrise, at a party or a bar. always a blue moon and always with an orange slice.
new bathroom decor. i'm always on the lookout for new wall decor.
You're a storm, So emotional, Moody and Controlled, Sly and Involved
one more month of summer and its back to school. i'm starting a new school in the fall. i'll be leaving the end of august. i'm more anxious than i am excited.
song of the day Black Grease by The Black Angels


where is the path to Wonderland?

urban outfitters knitted sweater, target shirt, h&m skirt
necklace from target. did i ever mention that i love target? well, i do. the jewelry section is amazing. it has such a great selection of rings and necklaces. nothing cheesy or cheap either. i love it. i recommend going there if you need new accessories without spending too much.
i thought this was cool
i bought this purse in China. the area where my one of family member lives, its like one giant flea market where people bargain until their faces turn blue. if you simply look at something and just walk away they'll give you a price and keep lowering until you buy it. i could be at the end of the mall and they'll still bargain with me. i honestly don't even know how to handle myself in that situation. i'm the type of person who likes to be left alone when i'm shopping. i even hate going into a store if i'm the only one in it. i've only been there a handful of times so please correct me if i'm wrong or if i'm being ignorant; but this is what i experience every time i go shopping in China.
pocketwatches. i can't look at one without thinking of the white rabbit. i know its so overdone with people loving alice in wonderland, but its something i've always loved since childhood. falling down a rabbit hole to find a whole different world and meeting people who were stranger than me. i was always wanted to be her and simply find myself in a world of my own.
i really need to find a new style where it doesn't involve black mini skirts. i have, like, 4 of them. they're like the new leggings for me. i can't stop wearing them.
song of the day is The Flame by The Black Keys


✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

chinatown boutique blouse, h&m stockings, laila rowe purse, vintage headband
bubble tea from my favorite bakery in chinatown. tai pan :)
ring and necklace from target
i spent some time in the city with my sister the other day. she moved into Manhattan with 3 other girls in a duplex. her room has the sickest view ever. i am eternally jealous.
song of the day is Top Drawer by Man Man


daddy, can i go out and haunt tonight?

urban outfitters tank, h&m skirt, zara cardigan
old navy butterfly necklace. i love this. i bought it a couple years ago.
i feel like i may be the only person that doesn't like summer. i don't hate it. i just much rather prefer autumn or spring. i like the in-betweens. sweating is not sexy.
song of the day:


all the soldiers say, it'll be alright

vintage dress, parisian market scarf, mixture of jewelry from target and f21
while i was clearing out my closet i found some old stuff i haven't worn in ages. my yellow tube dress(i forget where i bought it so i'll just call it vintage for now.)
summer is made for festivals. sadly i've only been to one so far. i've offered to volunteer at governor's island for the MIA show. let's hope they answer me back.
i love walking down the streets and finding really awesome markets that sell misc things. which is where i got this little number.
"we may make it through the war if we make it through the night."


I won't share your love, I need all your love

lucky brand cardigan, urban outfitters tank
my mini purse.
i need hair tips asap. i'm also really bad at doing hair. it always just up or down. sometimes i'll be fancy and curl it, but it takes so much TIME. i'd hate to be even more high maintenance than i am now.
i went to governor's island over a week ago to see Portugal. The Man. despite it being a fake beach it was pretty cool. while it started getting darker the palm trees lit up. the sun set was awesome over the city skyline.
sun is setting!
over the city skyline. i really do love new york.
sangria :)
i'm in the process of clearing out unwanted things in my room. throwing out garbage and boxing up old clothes to give away to a local thrift store. i never knew how much i had until now.