Je ne veux pas ĂȘtre votre ami

uniqlo shirt and pants, zara heels
i watched Inglorious Basterds again yesterday. i love the story between Shoshana and Fredrick. an impossible love but maybe in some other lifetime their relationship would have worked.


we are all made of air

thrifted a new purse today. $3. can't get any better than this :)
why won't it stop raining?!


so dance little DJ, come on!

vintage scarf and purse, american apparel sweater, 2% jacket, uniqlo pants, steve madden boots
oooooooh! i'm so in love with my new mineral washed pants. they're so badass and comfy! i bought them from Uniqlo, which is now my new favorite store.
until next time, my little love birds!

There's stars in my eyes and there's sun in my hair

h&m scarf & stockings, urban outfitters cardigan, oasis purse
i really like this shirt. i don't know if you can tell but its a zipper pocket on my boob. yes, it is an actual pocket. i was kind of surprised because it was from a no name brand store that sells cheap clothing. i really hate those jackets where they have the flap for a pocket but no pocket. i mean...wtf is the point in that?
this is my friend's cat. her name is momma cat :)
its going to rain this entire week. what a fantastic spring break.


i saw you lingering still

went to the city for some shopping.
stopped by a bakery.
got a cup of coffee.
and some cupcakes.
continued shopping.
bought new pants.
this past week has been really nice weather, but today was cold. let's hope the next week brings sunshine. i'm on spring break.
i bought 2 new pants and a shirt. the bad thing about shopping in the city on a saturday afternoon are the long lines to the dressing rooms and registers.


Through crooked teeth

vintage tank top. i love it so much! the colors are beautiful. the top part is a scrunchy and ruffled. i can't wait until the weather gets really warm so i can wear this without a cardi over it :)
this will always and forever remain my favorite Portugal song.


you're abrasively loud

camden market dress, pacsun cardigan, ae scarf, uo dotted stockings, thrifted purse and necklace
my legs, a friend's kitchen, a friend's cigarette



thrifted sweater
current favorites at the moment. Polaroid instant camera, beige mini purse and a plaid skirt. the skirt is an old piece from Aeropostale, the 90's to be exact. it was my sisters from high school. wasn't plaid a thing of the 90's or did i just make that up? i just wikipedia-ed 90's fashion and i couldn't find a single thing on plaid.
speaking of 90's. to my fellow American readers, who remembers Rocko's Modern Life? or Rugrats before they grew up? i miss the simplicity of childhood. i remember television shows were how i could tell time. when Full House was on that was when my mom came home from work.
today's song is Eira by Jakokoyak
i'm officially hooked on Jakokoyak.


well, alright.

my fleamarket corduroy jacket. i bought it from Hong Kong a few years ago for a few dollars. i'm pretty sure it was only a few dollars otherwise i wouldn't have bought it. the sleeve had a rip in it but i didn't mind. the best part is the fake buttons. okay, not the best part but pretty interesting. that's what you pay for when you shop at fleamarkets in Hong Kong. nothing but bootleg items. hahahahaha.
my internal clock is completely messed up. its doing WONDERS on my little eye baggies.
today's song is In The Sun by She&Him
They have a new music video for it. I love it so much! She's so freaking adorable, it puts babies and kittens to shame!



these are my favorite shoes at the moment. i am wearing them with everything. i bought them from Hamlet's Vintage on Bleecker St.
today, i took a spanish quiz that i thought was going to be hard. while i was taking it i knew for sure i was going to fail. then, we went over it after and found out that it wasn't as hard as i was making it out to be and that i passed. with an A :) i doubt myself way too often.
i want to learn to speak spanish fluently. i work with a lot of people that speak it and when they converse with each other i can catch a few words here and there. i think i'm getting better :)
today's song is Home by Jakokoyak
unfortunately i can't find it on youtube. in fact there aren't many songs by him on youtube. so, i guess you'll just have to take my word for it that it's good ;)


Old love is in me

forever 21 striped shirt & bow headband, fleamarket skirt, h&m white flats
oh, winter. why must you tease me so? one day you're warm and then the next you're snowing. please stop. i miss the real sunshine. don't you realize the cold, cold wind is like the feeling of sharp knives on skin?
the song for today is Thieves Among Us by She&Him


a monster in disguise

urban outfitters dress, seychelle's mary jane heels, thrifted necklace
pleeeeeeeeeease listen to this song. its what i've been putting on repeat for the last hour! i think i should stop and start listening to the rest of the album, hahaha.
i've been getting a few emails lately ever since i put my address up and i just want to say thank you! i'm really enjoy reading your emails and of course, i answered them all. i love to talk, talk, talk! so if you just want to talk to someone feel free to email me! i don't care if its about your cat or the breakfast you ate this morning. email me!



2% mustard jacket, Uniqlo leopard scarf, thrifted shoes
song of the moment is Everyone Has A Summer by Lovage