Climbed up from that hole in the ground through that crack in the sky


Among the sea of belts in my closet this one is the only one I like. A girl came up to me the other day and asked where I bought it, apparently they are back in style because she sees them everywhere. I told her it was from when I was in 5th grade. Who knew I had taste back then?! Ha! Its perfect too because its not too long and there isn't extra belt just hanging off.

That green cardigan is my favorite. Mostly because its my favorite color green. I had a circle scarf from American Apparel in that color but a bit darker but I LOST IT!!!! I spent WEEKS being pissed off about it. It was a gift and it was awesome. Now its in a land of Yvonne's Lost Things among many many other things. I really do wish that was a real place. I'd spend all day in it.

I'm trying to grow out my bangs. I've had side swept bangs since I was 14 and I've been saying it for awhile now, but I really think its time. I don't know why I'm just in the mood for a little change. I'm not sure how I'm liking it though. I keep asking my friends and I don't think they care anymore hahahaha. I'm sorry but hair is a very big deal to me!!

Meet Chloe :)
My friends found a pregnant cat at work and it finally had a litter of kittens a month ago and he brought them home. They are absolutely adorable!! These pictures were taken a little bit over a week ago and they've gotten so big since then! I really do wish I wasn't allergic. I NEED them. The way the run and roll over is so so so so so cute. My eyeballs almost exploded from cuteness.



Shake your rag doll, baby

Forever21//denim shorts
What is this weather lately?? It has been raining on and off for the past week. It so damp and muggy out that I constantly feel disgusting. I just want sunshine! Other then that being home has been awesome. I missed partying with all my friends and I can't wait for recreation day to start so I can get some exercise in! WOOOO KICKBALL!!
I need to do some serious shopping. Its been MONTHS. Legit. I want to get some rompers and skirts for the summer. I have an eye on this floppy hat from target that looks reeeeaaaally cute on me. I want to have it for when I go to the Bahamas in July. I'm so excited. I can't wait to lay on the beach with a Mojito and get a nice little tan. Ahhhh summer :)


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack :)

Vintage//Jean Vest
Forever 21//Romper
Forever 21//"Hour"glass Necklace
Hello blogging world! Yes, I am back and for good. Did you miss me? I had to take a break from blogging because of school and dorm room nonsense. I have to say that I would rather live in shoe box than live in these dorm rooms ever again. They. Fucking. Suck. Which is why I got a house with my 2 girlfriends! I will be moving in the last week of August and I am so excited!!! My own room again! I can cook my own food! Ahhhhhhhhh!! I'm just so excited! Other than that I finished my spring semester of college and I'm ready for the summer! Its filled with work, beaches, lazy days, Yankee games and margaritas(nom nom nom nom)!