Saturn, here we come

vintage cardigans & purse, forever 21 dress & necklace
i'm home for thanksgiving break. though i can't really call it much of a break since i'll be doing papers all week. somehow, i thought getting away from school meant i'll be getting away from stress. apparently not.
i really need to get my camera fixed :/
your soul's solid gold.


from friends who never loved you nearly half as much as me

thrifted vest & blouse, h&m skirt, UO stockings, forever 21 knee high socks
i woke up and pick out this...
and then decided it was too cold and left the door wearing this. lol not much of a difference but whatever.
my right side of the sink is not shown for a good reason. its messy. i need to tidy up. actually i think i'm doing pretty good on not being messy. thank good my roommate is neat because if she was sloppy i would be too. i realized that i have been maintaining a neat(ish) room just out of respect for her.
there was a blouse like this in Zara that i wanted over the summer but everytime i saw it i decided against buying it. a few days before halloween my friend found a HUGE thrift store. for real, when i walked in i and i was so over whelmed i didn't know where to start. among many other things i found this blouse! i really love the print.
sooo i recently got a Tumblr and i really like it. i was deciding between that and twitter and realized i don't get twitter. so, tumblr it was! i really like all the things i find on it. reblogging is fun. its different from my blogspot. its a bit more personal. i post lyrics, fashion inspirations, ramblings and reblogs. so add me if you like :) http://subways.tumblr.com xoxo, yvonne