Lovers in love.

if another lover
takes their love away from you
be careful with your mind
what you're bound to do
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Hey guys! I'll be back later this week with a real post but first I need your help. I started a new internship for marketing and I need people to follow me on twitter. I'm trying to get connected through all types of social networking..(tumblr,twitter,facebook..). So help me out and follow me! Thanks :)

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Sit down and dream.

UO//Tank Top
I haven't gone shopping in a very long time in order to save up money for my new apartment. The rent is pretty cheap but I'm literally saving from $0. I know my mom will help me with the rent but I think its time for me to grow up and learn some real responsibilities. From saving money in the past 3 weeks I never realized how much petty cash I would throw around that seriously adds up. Stupid things like coffee and chapstick(I have a real addiction to buying lip things). It is just way too easy for me to spend money on stuff like that because I always have cash on me. I wait tables so I always have cash at handy. Always.

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that I'm very fond of buying new clothes because I get bored easily. My new objective in my personal style is to create new outfits with what I already have. Unfortunately, I fear that I'm boring my readers but more importantly myself. I know its a little sad to say this but I feel more comfortable when I like what I wear. Its like wearing makeup. For some people it makes them feel better because they are more confident.

Ohhh look at me sounding all materialistic and vain :/


P.s I got a new internship that requires me to get a twitter. I already had one but never really used it. So won't you follow me on twitter?




H&M//Denim jacket
H&M//Black Shorts
I'm feeling a little lazy today but I really wanted to update my blog. I haven't seen this shirt in so long I almost forgot I had it. I walked into my room last night and it was sitting on my bed. Apparently, its been hiding out in my mom's closet. She decided to clean it out and found it. I don't know who the girl on my shirt is(probably just a random portrait) but I've gotten suggestions such as Michael Jackson, Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Jesus.
My next post will not be as lazy. I promise.
XX, Yvonne


Big Indian.

Chinatown Boutique//Over-sized sweater
F21//Denim shorts
Target//Ring & feathered earrings
Blue Away by Sally Hansen. This is my favorite at the moment. I love that pastel colors are in at the moment. Perfect for spring/summer.
you never get wise, you only get older
and most things, you never know why
but that's fine


Black Magic.

Thrifted//Denim vest
UO//Tank top
Pacific Mall//Laced cycling shorts
Canal St.//Imitation Balenciaga purse
I'm not going lie. I always feel weird wearing these cycling shorts as an real shorts. I feel like people think I'm wearing underwear, especially because of the lace. I decided to just own it and brave the awkward stares. I've only ever worn this one other time.

Holy moly, do I need a haircut.

Why yes, I did see Portugal. The Man for the second time in a week span. What can I say? They are an awesome band live and the tickets were free. They played at Webster Hall once again but in the studio section so it was a much smaller show. 100 people tops. I was one of the first few people online so when the doors opened I ran up to the stage. Yeah. Good times.
XX, Yvonne


Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man @ Webster Hall 6/3/2011
I had seen Portugal. The Man once before at Governor's Island in NYC, but the experience was not quite as exciting as the show at Webster Hall. Despite the show being free, I had just discovered them and had not learned to love them as much as I do now. I am the type of person that can truly enjoy a concert when I know and love the songs. This time around I was pumped and had bought my tickets three months in advance.

On the day of the show my friends and I left a little later then expected and missed the opening acts. This I was not so concerned about, but I knew it meant the place was already packed, and before I continue let me just say that being 5 feet tall means that it is MANDATORY that I get up front, so I had to really work my way up. The moment we got to will call and got our tickets I grabbed my friends hand and JETTED into the crowd. I made no apologies for those I shoved out of my way.

As if on cue, right at the moment I found my perfect spot, they walked onto the stage and played "How The Leopard Got Its Spots". All that anticipation and energy that I had to bottle inside during the car ride literally escaped as I jumped, waved my hands in air and sang to each and every single song.

They played an amazing set with at least two songs from every studio album including their new one, In The Mountain In The Cloud, which drops on July 19th. The energy of the crowd escalated one song after another, even during "Colors" which has a rather slower feel to it. They covered Etta James’s “I’d Rather Go Blind” which was an interesting choice, adding their own touch to it. The lead singer’s (John Gourley) ability to sing in falsetto definitely helps in making the cover work.

What I love the most about watching Portugal. The Man play live is their continuation into the next song. The band has said in the past that the thing they love the most about playing live is being able to jam.

The different colored lasers that went with the music (and was also a nice touch for my photographs), as well as smoke from the fog machine enhanced the overall mood and environment of the place. One of their encore songs was “Chicago” that has the lyrics “I can’t hear with these clouds in my ears”, and I just remember an overwhelming amount of smoke that blew into the crowd the moment he sang those lyrics. I do not know if that was done on purpose, but I can only hope because I appreciate the little things that are incorporated into a show.

It was not only the band that made the night exciting but also the energy of the crowd. I remember specifically a guy next to me was rocking out to the show and at one point I really looked at him and thought, “this kid is on drugs!” I started looking around me noticed that he was not the only one. At that moment I envied them a little bit but the feeling left as fast as it came. I was a Portugal. The Man show. I did not need drugs. They are as amazing without them.

Overall, Portugal. The Man was worth the sweaty bodies rubbing up against me, and even that asshole who almost mauled me to get up closer when the band was trying to take a picture of the crowd.

Now, I leave you with this note. On Portugal. The Man’s Youtube channel, in their info section they wrote, “We make music and tour, that is all we want to do”. Enough said.

XX, Yvonne


Met for a drink in those marshmallow clouds

Urban Outfitters//Cardigan
Thrifted//Cross body bag
I love rompers. I can't get enough of them. I NEED MORE. I think rompers look awesome for someone my height(5 ft, but recently got a physical and apparently I'm just a smidge under, but I'm going to live a lie and say that I'm 5 ft).
I said a few posts ago that I wanted to grow out my bangs. I'm currently fighting back the urge to trim them because they're going through that awkward phase where its long and annoying and constantly poking me in the eye. DAMN YOU SIDE SWEPT BANGS!!!
I'm going to see my favorite band tonight in the city. PORTUGAL. THE MAN. Yes my favorite band of all time and I'm so excited. I bought these tickets over 2 months ago and I remember when I did I was dreading about how long the wait was going to be. THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE. Yes, I will be coming back with pictures and videos because I'm determined to get to the front of the crowd. I did say I was 5 ft, right?


At least we know, that if we die we lived with passion.

Forever 21//Dress
Thrifted//Jean Vest
If you ask me how I would describe my style I probably couldn't give you an answer right away(or maybe not even at all). I follow a few personal fashion blogs and a lot their daily outfits are the same but different, in a way that you can tell that person has a certain style. I envy that so much. I feel like my outfits are all over the place and I'm constantly trying to find "my style". I have decided its because I'm indecisive(read this sentence again, its ironic). Its the very core of my personality and "my style" is a reflection of that. Everything I do is an over-thought decision. From the clothes I pick out in the morning down to the creamer flavor I want in my coffee. I want to try everything and if it were possible I would try to wear everything in my closet too.