Black Magic.

Thrifted//Denim vest
UO//Tank top
Pacific Mall//Laced cycling shorts
Canal St.//Imitation Balenciaga purse
I'm not going lie. I always feel weird wearing these cycling shorts as an real shorts. I feel like people think I'm wearing underwear, especially because of the lace. I decided to just own it and brave the awkward stares. I've only ever worn this one other time.

Holy moly, do I need a haircut.

Why yes, I did see Portugal. The Man for the second time in a week span. What can I say? They are an awesome band live and the tickets were free. They played at Webster Hall once again but in the studio section so it was a much smaller show. 100 people tops. I was one of the first few people online so when the doors opened I ran up to the stage. Yeah. Good times.
XX, Yvonne


  1. Lovely outfit sweet, your top is so nice! I've embraced wearing cycling shorts out, underneath dresses or tunics, it's such a cute look. xx

  2. love your outfit you look so great.

  3. oooh cute boys! Love your denim vest!!

  4. I love the graphic shirt with the denim vest and the hat! You look so boho chic and pretty :)

  5. Cute outfit.
    Never heard of the band before, so I youtube-ed them :) and yeah they're really cool :) Hope to see them in concert someday.