broken down in bars and bathrooms

forever 21 blouse, zara shorts, vintage beltfor real, this is really what i wore today. it is 70 degrees outside. SEVENTY DEGREES in OCTOBER. even better...the END OF OCTOBER. i hope this weekend stays warm, because as you all know its Halloween! my favorite holiday of the year. i have my costumes all lined up already! i'm celebrating thursday through sunday. woot woot!! i'm going down hard!
headband and ring from Target. i saw a similar...scratch that..the EXACT headband from Urban Outfitters and if you shop at Urban as much as i do you know how expensive their shit is. i love when i find a good deal.
mama clogs!
baby clogs!
i think clogs are one of my favorite trends. when i go shopping i never really have trends in mind. sometimes it just seeps into my brain and i buy things without thinking that they are trends. for example leggings, flats ect. but clogs are the one thing i actually saw on blogs and said I NEED THOSE. a little late on the trend wagon but whatever. i wanted Jeffery Campbell clogs but alas they are too expensive. i got the mama clogs from Steve Madden for $30! i didn't even think twice! the baby clogs are actually my mom's(who knew she was fashionable? JUST KIDDING MOM!) so yea, i stole them from her and she had to buy a new pair. idk where she got them..TJ Maxx maybe?
xx, yvonne


all of these awkward-jump-start-stalling conversations

uniqlo leopard scarf, thrifted denim cardigan, urban outfitters knitted cardigan, h&m tank & mini skirt
vanilla cappuccinos & mini chocolate covered pretzels. instant gratification.
vampire dairies and grey's anatomy tonight accompanied by red wine :)
XX, yvonne


Let Them LOL


we need vices to wave to the good old days

thrifted jacket, target shirt, h&m skirt, urban outfitters hat
flower ring and a peace bracelet made from a coconut. i bought from Oktoberfest.
i went to Oktoberfest while i was home. one of the many things on my list of things to do before i die is to go to a REAL Oktoberfest.
real German food? definitely not. eating real German food is definitely on my list too.
wheat ale is my favorite kind of beer! it has a hint of sweetness to it. mmmmMMM.
and more trinkets.
Bear Mountain State Park
i went home over Columbus day weekend. you know when you leave home for a while and you come back and your surroundings just feel weird? no? okay maybe it's just me. it happens to be all the time but for some reason this time i didn't feel this way. i don't know what that really means...

ANYWAYS, so the reason i went home was to go see a Glassjaw show in jersey and HOLY SHIT it was AMAZING. my first time seeing them and it was at a small venue so i got real up close and personal. i love the feeling of being at a show. live music is just so much better then stereo. the crowd was just how i imagined it would be and everybody sang along like they should at a GJ show!

i was never a huge Brand New fan except for a few songs, but i personally really really love their latest Album Daisy. so, with that i leave you with the song of the day Vices by Brand New