we need vices to wave to the good old days

thrifted jacket, target shirt, h&m skirt, urban outfitters hat
flower ring and a peace bracelet made from a coconut. i bought from Oktoberfest.
i went to Oktoberfest while i was home. one of the many things on my list of things to do before i die is to go to a REAL Oktoberfest.
real German food? definitely not. eating real German food is definitely on my list too.
wheat ale is my favorite kind of beer! it has a hint of sweetness to it. mmmmMMM.
and more trinkets.
Bear Mountain State Park
i went home over Columbus day weekend. you know when you leave home for a while and you come back and your surroundings just feel weird? no? okay maybe it's just me. it happens to be all the time but for some reason this time i didn't feel this way. i don't know what that really means...

ANYWAYS, so the reason i went home was to go see a Glassjaw show in jersey and HOLY SHIT it was AMAZING. my first time seeing them and it was at a small venue so i got real up close and personal. i love the feeling of being at a show. live music is just so much better then stereo. the crowd was just how i imagined it would be and everybody sang along like they should at a GJ show!

i was never a huge Brand New fan except for a few songs, but i personally really really love their latest Album Daisy. so, with that i leave you with the song of the day Vices by Brand New


  1. Your hat is so cute! Loving the bracelets, i'd want them all! xo

  2. Your outfit is sooo cute!!
    xoxo Debby

  3. Looks like you had fun! I'll have to try wheat bear at some point, it sounds delish and I don't even like beer!
    Love the outfit and I wish we had stalls like that around here, living in such a small town gives absolutely no variety :-( X

  4. Awesome photos. What camera are you using? I plan to buy a smaller camera for my trips. Dslrs are so bulky!

  5. Glassjaw concert? Cool! I haven't seen them in concert so far but I just love the way this guy sings, like this shakiness in his voice or whatever it is called in English (sometimes I'm lacking of correct words sorry ^^)

    And I love the photos of the Oktoberfest, it's so cool to see that this traditional German event is imitated in so many other countries! I've never been to our original Oktoberfest myself, but I definitely wanna go there too someday. Now I'm craving for a Bratwurst :)

  6. awesome photos :)


  7. Haha Poatato pancake?!
    hahaha that is "Reibepl├Ątzchen" in German :D
    it means "Rubbing cookie" :D


  8. You do not often come any more in Blogspot..