this is the craze only we can bestow

thrifted cardigan, forever 21 dress, vintage belt
hello!! after an 8 hour train ride and lugging around my suitcase i have finally settled into my room. i'm currently being housed in a hotel until the new dorms are ready to be used. not exactly a bad deal considering the AC i get to use and the magnificently comfortable bed! my entire floor are all kids from my school. i have met several people my age and i'm still plucking up the courage to knock on a few more doors. so...roommate is good. classes are good. everything is good. for those who is starting school or started school GOOD LUCK :) this weekend is the labor day weekend and i'll be going up to Canada to visit family with my mom and sis. hopefully i'll bring back some nice pictures! xoxo, yvonne


there is no such thing as you.

zara blouse, h&m shorts, black stockings, thrifted purse & necklacei've fallen in love with my bow ring. its so hard to pack my life in a suitcase. even 2 suitcases won't do but i've managed. now, getting my heavy suitcases onto the train is the thing i'm worried about. i'll have to look like an ass for a day while trying to lugged my crap around the train station. i have no doubts that people will try to help me though. i'm a small girl and people will either feel bad and help or laugh, feel bad and then help. the wonders of a being a female! mass transit is such a bitch. song of the day is Tougher Than It Is by Cake


I’m on my feet, I’m on the floor, I’m good to go.

thrifted cardigan, river island skirt, wet seal tanktop, vintage belt
as you can see my camera is a little fucked up and its making it hard for me to post outfits(which is the reason for the lack of updates). i might purchase new lens or maybe i'll just suck it up and work with it. i'm really picky about the pictures i put up.
but besides the fact that my camera is going haywire the other reason i haven't updated as much is because its been a weird month for me. i have some personal issues i'm dealing with that i need to sort out before i leave for school. but i'm not going to write about the difficult things in my life. i like my blog to be happy and about the things i adore. cheesy, i know but i like my things how i like them.
so in the next few days i'll be packing away my life(and god knows i have a lot of stuff) and to those who's summer is ending i hope you had a great one and good luck in school or whatever it is you are doing :) xoxo,


what a peculiar place to have a party!

My favorite dessert place on earth! :)
tweedledee and tweedledum! whoever drew this needs a raise!
MMmmm goodies! i suggest the red velvet, but i just personally really love red velvet cakes.
its a cute little place. theres a sit down area in the back but i didn't sit, just bought a cupcake to go!


en route to buffalo

mine blouse, zara shorts, steve madden clogs
i'm off to buffalo tomorrow morning. 8 hour train ride. i hope they have wifi on the train.
the lens on my camera broke so taking outfit pictures have been a real hassle :/


tell the one about the man who dug a hole so deep, he lost sight of his word

tramp tank top, blu heaven cardigan, urban outfitters bag
all my friends are slowly leaving me for college. they all have apartments that they have to move into and i'm left all alone :( i'll be leaving soon too but thats not until the end of the month. i have to make another visit into the city before i leave.
the skeleton key was a gift from my sister. all rings are from target.
hoot hoot!
for your musical enjoyment. song of the day! ten long years by king kong


Now all I need is just to hear a song I know

topshop stripped dress worn as a shirt, zara cardigan & shorts, vintage belt, thrifted purse
i wanna always feel like part of this was mine. i wanna fall in love tonight.
i'm in the mood for a peanut butter and banana smoothie from jamba juice.