little buttercups and wild daisies

zara denim, forever 21 top, marie antoinette tote
the one thing about being short means that a lot of clothing that is meant to be a shirt is somewhat a dress on me. all i need a mini skirt underneath ;)
i love a field of wild flowers.
i freaking love this tote! pretty roses, the many extravagant dresses of marie antoinette and made of satin material. i bought it from the Ch√Ęteau de Versailles souvenir shop. my new favorite.
i need to plan another trip before the summer ends. preferably in the states. maybe Philly?
more Paris pictures in the future post. my computer genius of a friend recovered the other half of my pictures from my SD card!!! :)


you can't stop wishing if you don't let go

somewhere stripped shirt, vintage scarf, paris market purse
hotel room. i was lucky to get the heart in the picture. it just appeared on television while i was playing around with the camera.
check out my swirly designed bracelet. i bought it from a little shop in Paris.
along with the shorter necklace and the 2 rings.
it took me a while to get use to the metro. after i used it a few times it was easy and just like using the subways in new york. montparnasse was the stop where my hotel was.
all i wanted to do was ride around in a vespa. the city also had a bike system all over paris that you could rent off the street. the idea was that it didn't matter where you end up as long as there was the bike rack.


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack :)

i'm back from my trip to Paris and to all Parisians out there i envy you so much. Paris was beautiful and i seriously couldn't get enough of it. the food was fresh and amazing. the architecture was stunning and the city itself was breathtaking.
zara shirt, h&m romper, vintage belt, target necklace
i went to most of the famous monuments in the city. i also went to Versailles(which, by the way was my favorite monument after the Eiffel Tower). i visited the Catacombs, Louvre, Napoleon's Tomb, Arc de Triomphe and so much more!
i'd like to live in one of these rooms.
Macarons were delicious. in order, rose, cafe, black current(not my favorite..too sweet), pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla and i have no idea what the last one is.
looking out to the garden at Versailles.
i was told to try a croque madame. so yummy!
Marie Antoinette's room.
seine river. took a boat ride on there too.
i took over 800 pictures but while uploading it on to my computer it froze and for some reason i lost half of them. and the better half of them all, too. i'm so mad at myself because towards the end of the trip i took really awesome pictures of the picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower. now i have to wait until my friends upload them on facebook so i can steal them. i'll post more in future.
yvonne renee


off to the City of Light ♥

urban outfitters cardigan, h&m lace tank top
i guess you can see how messy my room is from the picture above. i don't even know how it happens. i clean it and a week later its a disaster.
in a few hours i'll be a on plane to Paris! i'm so excited!!
packed all my things. hopefully i didn't forget anything.
i didn't choose this song because i'm going to France. it just happened to be that way.
Foxy Shazam is one of my many favorite bands. although i'm not a fan of their recent album, the first and second albums are absolutely amazing!


a foul intention

charlotte russe dress, forever 21 necklace, h&m tights
i spent sat & sun in the city with my sister. despite the disappointing weather(though yesterday wasn't so bad) its always a nice time when i'm with her.
brunch. mimosa and the best coffee i've had in awhile. 3 cups later i was amped to do anything.
there were a lot of markets to keep me entertained yesterday. i love these things. i bought a pretty dress but it turned out to be too big :(
Germany vs Australia.


Summer came so they went down to the coast in his tent

charlotte rousse cardigan, h&m tank top & scarf, forever 21 stirrups
stirrup leggings.
the sole reason why i bought this cardigan.
my summer thus far consisted of,
jack daniels and blue moons.
wine and late night french onion soup.
sake bombing!!
and we cannot forget bon fires :)
song of the day is Vicky Verky by Squeeze


He barely managed to say I love you before she shut the door...and he never saw her again.

vintage cardigan, thrifted dress & necklace, target ring, h&m bracelet, dune bag
i love my purse. one of the many things i bought from London.
there are so many pretty layers to this dress, i love it! especially the lace.
summer 2009. good times.
i think its time to cut my bangs. the constant hair in my eyes is making me blink nonstop.
Koala's Lament on the album Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By