The takeoffs, the landings, our rockets transcending

Forever21 Toggle Coat & Leggings//American Apparel Striped Sweater//H&M Circle Scarf//Republic Cloth Tote
I got so many gift cards for Christmas that me and girlfriends went on a shopping spree. I got myself a new winter coat because you can't have too many coats. Christmas was great. There was so much food it was amazing! Now I can't wait for New Year's Eve this Friday!

There was a huge blizzard in New York a couple of days ago. A word of advice when you're snowed in, DON'T EAT. IT DOESN'T CURE BOREDOM. I ate a whole bag of chocolate covered pretzels and while I was eating them I was thinking about what to have for dinner. It was horrible. I hate being snowed in. I have never been so bored in my LIFE.


I wish I knew how to break this spell

h&m circle scarf//vintage knitted jacket & dress//forever 21 necklace
This is my Christmas/Winter outfit. I haven't worn this dress since last winter and I'm happy I found it again :) I forget where its from but I'm pretty sure I bought it from Hong Kong.
Swedish Hasbeens Jodhpur Boot//FRYE Melissa Patch Boot
This is my Christmas wishlist. I loooooooove these shoes to death. I've been lusting for the Swedish Hasbeens for ages. But alas they are too expensive. I'm on the hunt for lookalikes. If there is a Santa I want these shoes under my tree.


I get crazy dreams when it breaks morning

mossimo cardigan//forever 21 dress//american apparel circle scarf//target owl necklace
Union Square Market.
They have a lot of cute things there but none of them were really my taste. I kept seeing a lot of those cartoon animal winter hats with the long ears.
It feels good to be home. It feels fantastic to not write anymore papers. I went on a few internships for magazines and clothing companies and I think I finally decided on one. I'm excited to start! Hopefully everything goes well and I enjoy it. I'm attempting to go Christmas shopping with my friends today. If I can find a parking spot I think I'll be good to go.


teen runaway, youth depraved, your time is almost here

forever 21 blouse & jeans//urban outfitters fur scarf
I wasn't sure about the denim on denim look, but I tried it today with my vest and I didn't hate it! Although, my fur scarf covered up most of my vest. I wasn't ready for the snow just yet. It was really warm the last day of November and then come December 1st it snowed 3 feet. I love fresh snow. I just had my last class today and next week is finals week. 8 more days until I'm home! xoxo, yvonne