I get crazy dreams when it breaks morning

mossimo cardigan//forever 21 dress//american apparel circle scarf//target owl necklace
Union Square Market.
They have a lot of cute things there but none of them were really my taste. I kept seeing a lot of those cartoon animal winter hats with the long ears.
It feels good to be home. It feels fantastic to not write anymore papers. I went on a few internships for magazines and clothing companies and I think I finally decided on one. I'm excited to start! Hopefully everything goes well and I enjoy it. I'm attempting to go Christmas shopping with my friends today. If I can find a parking spot I think I'll be good to go.


  1. Love the outfit, the colours work really well against each other (: It feels nice to be home after working hard at Uni doesn't it? Good luck on your internship! xxx

  2. i really do like the colors of your outfit too! yay for getting an internship!

  3. congrats on the internship :) ah, I haven't gone christmas shopping yet!


  4. oh i hate it when you go to markets and there's nothing you like. i adore the colour combo's in your outfit, and of course the cute little owl. congrats on the internship
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  5. Goodluck on your internship! (:

    I love the colors of this outfit and the super cute owl necklace! I'm gonna check out target now haha

  6. i love your blog and all of your outfits <3

  7. you look so cute in that outfit! i love it!

  8. Aw you look so pretty and I totally love the colour combo of green/blue/grey here!
    And the photos of the market make me wanna go shopping too, sigh... ;)

  9. aw i miss sf. i used to stay in berkeley. gawd i miss it so much. you have such an adorable blog. and good luck on your internship also <3

  10. Such a interesting necklace! Just found you're blog and added you - keep up the good work. :)