Forever 21 leggings//ETSY western shoes//Thrifted blouse

I have officially settled back in my apartment for school. Its my last semester, so I'm hoping it goes by fast. I honestly have no desire to go to class and pay attention, so instead I stare out windows day dreaming about cats, wine and napping. This is bad 0.O

As for my outfit, I've had those leopard leggings for YEARS and I'm pretty sure I've worn them twice in my life. Its one of those pieces that I bought on a whim and every time I attempt to wear them I always changed my mind at the last minute, just as I'm about to leave the house. I don't know why that is, perhaps because they attract a lot of stares. I just fucking love leopard print.

Oh, and for those say leggings are not pants...you're right, they are not. They're leggings and they are fucking adorable.

xxx, yvonne

I have more dreams than you have posters of your favorite teams.