i never said i'd take this lying down

h&m romper, pacific mall jean vest, urban outfitters stockingsnew shoes i bought off etsy.com! i loooooooooooove them. only $18. next week i'm going flea market shopping i found around here. i'm so excited!!
i'm sick. most of the kids on my floor are getting sick too. it was only a matter of time before i got it. i'm staying in tonight with my tea and mac&cheese while watching grey's anatomy and vampire diaries. i've been drinking this tea all day.
xoxo, yvonne


on a horse made of crystal he patrolled the land

vintage tank top, urban outfitters sweater, uniqlo pantsi bought this watch at duty free in canada. i never wear watches but ever since i got this one i've been wearing it non-stop. i think its so cute!
fall is coming! and even though i'm excited for it i'll miss summer activities. like drinking cappuccinos at an outside cafe. ohhh boy do i miss Paris. i will go back one day!
i've been a horrible blogger. its just that i've been really busy with homework and meeting new people. i'm always on campus doing papers. i hate doing work in my room because i never get things done. i have to be in a library. i'll try my best to update more. xx, yvonne


like herds of dream elephants

pacific mall jean vest, vintage scarf & necklace, republic cloth tote
i bought these shorts leggings(is that what they're called?) from The Pacific Mall in Ontario, CA. they're interesting. i have a pair of cropped leggings like that. i was afraid that they might look like underwear :x i convinced my sister to buy a pair too.
I went to The Pacific Mall where its apparently the biggest Asian mall in North America. The stores were so cute and colorful, very much like the ones in Hong Kong except less crowded.
Canada was cool. i didn't really take any interesting pictures. i stayed there for a night and saw my cousins, aunt and uncle. i haven't seen them since i was 13. i don't really have family that are close enough to visit(pretty much all of them live abroad) but since i moved to school they're only an hour away and a half. song of the day is Island Ave by Jacuzzi Boys