today was boring. i had no school and no work so i decided to use the chance to go shopping. i went to Good Will and found these shoes for $4. i've been looking shoes like that for awhile now but didn't really want to spend the money, but you can't beat $4! tomorrow i'm suppose to be going to the city to visit my sister but its suppose to be really cold. i wish the winter would go away so i can outside without getting the feeling of knives on skin.


i've got to make a play, to make my lover stay

thrifted jacket, hat & necklace, dress from camden market
That jacket was $1. Gotta love thrifting.


One Silver Dollar

flea market plaid trench coat, urban outfitters white dress, seychelle's mary jane heels

I've been careless with a delicate man


my woman ain't no friend of mine

thrifted jean jacket, steve madden shoes, vintage stockings & scarf


the quintessential needs for a night out

that's all i need.
i can never understand girls who carry large satchels with them to a bar or a nightclub.


dreams v.s reality


the love that i feel when i bounce in time

i've been feeling pretty blue lately, which is the reason for my lack of update. so, i decided to update with a past event. do you guys know the movie "Taking Woodstock"? well i had the chance to be an extra. i was on set for 3 days playing a townie/hippie/concert goer. it was such an awesome time! it was really interesting to see how much effort it takes to make a movie. in one day we filmed about 4 or 5 scenes(the schedule being 6am to 10pm with a lunch break). we did each scene AT LEAST 10 times. a lot of talking back and forth. the scenes i did were when people walked the NYS Thurway to get to the concert(after people heard the concert was free the NYS Thurway was packed with cars and people decided to just park there cars on the side and walk the rest of the way). it was pretty exhausting after awhile because it was hot. by the end of the day my eyes were glazed over and i wanted to pass out. they did feed us dinner too :) i freaking LOVED my costumes so much i wanted to buy it from them. the yellow and green one is my favorite. sadly, i had to return them.


you can tell from my attitude

vintage necklace,socks & scarf, american apparel shirt, wild pair oxfords


like freddy mercury,

today was an uncomfortable day. i saw people that i haven't seen in awhile and i always feel awkward. i forget why we stopped hanging out. i do miss them but it feels different now.
thrifted jacket, steve madden shoes
The shoes i'm tempted to buy but refuse to give in, in order to save money. i'm trying to travel abroad again and i can't waste money.
trunk fulla amps off the album Gizmodgery by Self. the only song i love on that album.


Another year, another party.

I spent New Years at a friend's house upstate. I saw a lot of old friends I haven't see in years. We busted out the infamous red cups, watched the ball drop on television and continued to party till the sun came out. I really do love a big house party. Happy 2010! I hope you all have a better year than the last :)