today was boring. i had no school and no work so i decided to use the chance to go shopping. i went to Good Will and found these shoes for $4. i've been looking shoes like that for awhile now but didn't really want to spend the money, but you can't beat $4! tomorrow i'm suppose to be going to the city to visit my sister but its suppose to be really cold. i wish the winter would go away so i can outside without getting the feeling of knives on skin.


  1. LOVE THEM!!! really going to have to brush up on my thrift shopping skills. they haven't been quite up to par

  2. these are so cute! doesn't it feel so good being able to find something you love for under $5?! I bought a pair of shoes too for 3.99 from value village and i think i love them more than any pair of expensive shoes i have. :)

    p.s followed you because i love your blog! so genuine and you don't even have to romanticize a thing about it :)