watch out, the worlds behind you

thrifted jacket, oasis shirt
its quite fitting, don't you think? it is Sunday, but not so much morning.


take my advice please

my tastes in style are always all over the place. i get bored and like to change things up. the snow right now is really getting to my head. i'm so sick of being stuck at home that i actually want to go to class. not work, though. i never want to go to work.



forever 21 dress, vintage cardi
makeup, makeup, makeup!
i have redeveloped my love for their album Worship and Tribute.
i am planning a trip to France this summer in june for a 10 day study abroad program. also, in july or august i'm planning a trip to Hong Kong for an internship. hopefully both trips will happen. i want to go abroad for a while. i need to get some adventure in my life before i get old.

hello, hello

it cannot be a good idea to drink coffee at 3am.
the song of the moment is Hello Goodbye by The Beatles



h&m scarf, zara jacket, converses, forever 21 leggings
BREAKFAST. the first time i've had breakfast in weeks. i never wake up early to have it. i always skip right to lunch. if you're wondering why i always use the starbucks cup its because that and the blue cup next to it are the only mugs i own. seriously. its hard living on your own. haha.


thru this new frame of mind

thank you for reading. i enjoy posting.
song of the moment is Glorybox by Portishead



nyc street stand fedora, vintage plaid shirt, socks & purse, wildpair oxfords
my favorite song at the moment is Oscar Wilde by Company of Thieves.



my favorite stripped sweater by american apparel, zara shorts, and the best boots ever created by steve madden. i love an outfit with stripes. its my favorite pattern.
i went to dinner at "noodle cafe" on st. marks in east village today. so delicious. i got ramen noodles with pork, bamboo, seaweed, egg and scallions. it came with a small side of rice & curry and dumplings. oh my god, so freaking fantastic.



this is my favorite lipstick at the moment. its called "icing on the cake" by everyday minerals. i got it free with my purchase of mineral makeup.
i had no school today so i went out to lunch with my sister. brazilian chicken and heart of palms pie with green salad. mmmmmmmmmm, it was all sorts of fantastic.
i am wearing a thrifted red cardi, urban outfitters shirt, h&m skirt and a vintage belt. if you are wondering why i have a t.v on the floor, then keep wondering because i have no idea either.
my thrifted hat. look behind me. its my fish, elliot.
Well, I guess you'll say
What can make me feel this way?


breakfast in bed.

okay, not really. i don't like sleeping and finding crumbs in my bed. but breakfast is just as good on a table :)
i did an intense clothes searching in my hallway closet and found one of my old dresses from middle school. yes, from middle school. i haven't grown much(width wise i mean) since then. its too short to be a real dress so a pair of shorts or stockings will suffice. though, i'm not wearing any right now :x
lots of love,
yvonne renee


Sometimes, lonely isn't sad.

Bou Bou shirt, Forever 21 skirt & headband, Seychelle mary jane heels
something i'm looking forward to is the new She&Him album that comes out in march. i have already heard 2 songs from Volume 2 and they're fantastic! i love their sound. when i listen to it, it makes me think of tea parties and picnics in a garden on a sunny day. haha. my best friend is in town this weekend and hopefully we'll end up doing something!



river island skirt, old navy cardigan, vintage scarf, bally purse, zara heels
i had uploaded this on LookBook earlier today, but i hate how images show up on that website sometimes. i'm just being picky and annoying :( i'm about to go have a cup of tea and watch the new grey's anatomy <3



urban outfitters shirt & leopard stockings, converse shoes
old shoes. i haven't seen them in awhile. the shirt has a picture of a scary girl. its one of my favorite shirts but i forget it weirds people out or better yet people think i'm weird for wearing it. whatever. this morning i did nothing but watch grey's anatomy repeats and now i'm getting ready to leave for my color photo class. have a nice afternoon folks.



We are all our own devil
We are all our own devil
And we make this world
We make this world our hell
Time keeps on ticking away
It’s always running away
Always running from time



vintage hat, forever 21 stripped shirt, thrifted white jacket, zara shorts
I've been listening to the Portishead self entitled album like mad this week. I didn't do much today but go to class. I've been feeling so bored lately. There's nothing to do anymore. There's nothing exciting. All I do is search for new music and read.



a Bally purse i stole from my mother. i'm pretty sure she won't notice it's missing since she never uses it. its pretty old and a bit dusty.



when i look at you, you look so bored.

dress from camden market, shoes from zara, thrifted hat
i'm so bored of this town. i want to see the world. how cliché of me. who doesn't want to see the world?