h&m scarf, zara jacket, converses, forever 21 leggings
BREAKFAST. the first time i've had breakfast in weeks. i never wake up early to have it. i always skip right to lunch. if you're wondering why i always use the starbucks cup its because that and the blue cup next to it are the only mugs i own. seriously. its hard living on your own. haha.


  1. hey i love these (: your photos are always so lovely! and i tend to skip breakfast and just grab a kit kat or something too.
    just a couple questions; what camera do you use??
    and how old are you?? 'cus like you live on your own, i was curious (: xo

  2. I love your outfit!
    Haha I understand about the mugs, same situation with me >.>
    Someone gave me one as a present (I think they felt sorry for me).
    Mmm that breakfast looks goooood.

  3. Beautiful outfit, I love your scarf!

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  5. Wow independent girl! Loving your breakfast. I just microwave a pancake... AHAHHA