broken down in bars and bathrooms

forever 21 blouse, zara shorts, vintage beltfor real, this is really what i wore today. it is 70 degrees outside. SEVENTY DEGREES in OCTOBER. even better...the END OF OCTOBER. i hope this weekend stays warm, because as you all know its Halloween! my favorite holiday of the year. i have my costumes all lined up already! i'm celebrating thursday through sunday. woot woot!! i'm going down hard!
headband and ring from Target. i saw a similar...scratch that..the EXACT headband from Urban Outfitters and if you shop at Urban as much as i do you know how expensive their shit is. i love when i find a good deal.
mama clogs!
baby clogs!
i think clogs are one of my favorite trends. when i go shopping i never really have trends in mind. sometimes it just seeps into my brain and i buy things without thinking that they are trends. for example leggings, flats ect. but clogs are the one thing i actually saw on blogs and said I NEED THOSE. a little late on the trend wagon but whatever. i wanted Jeffery Campbell clogs but alas they are too expensive. i got the mama clogs from Steve Madden for $30! i didn't even think twice! the baby clogs are actually my mom's(who knew she was fashionable? JUST KIDDING MOM!) so yea, i stole them from her and she had to buy a new pair. idk where she got them..TJ Maxx maybe?
xx, yvonne


  1. i found your blog and i really like it!
    follow eachother? ♥

    lots of love,

  2. oh, and which font did you use for your header? :)

  3. Love this outfit. I've recently bought some clogs too :) I'm loving yours! x


  4. love that Outfit! the blouse is amazing :) have fun on halloween :)


  5. Really like your blouse and headband! :) xxx

  6. You look so adoreable!! I love the outfit!
    xoxo Debby

  7. love your headband!!

    and your hair is getting me contemplating if i want bangs again!

  8. Cute outfit! I love those clogs and your jewellery xxx


  9. i am completely in love with that headband! i wish target in australia would have such lovely stock

  10. Oh, I wished that I could wear shorts now too:( But it's soo cold here..

  11. Your hair looks adorable.

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  12. Love the bow ring- amazing!
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  13. thanks yvonne! i know a couple of people doing exchange/visiting america soon and they are all so excited about the shopping there, apparently everything in america is much cheaper than the shopping in australia, not to mention the variety of brands/clothes...!! i can't wait to visit your part of the globe too one day, there's soo many places i want to go!