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UO//Tank Top
I haven't gone shopping in a very long time in order to save up money for my new apartment. The rent is pretty cheap but I'm literally saving from $0. I know my mom will help me with the rent but I think its time for me to grow up and learn some real responsibilities. From saving money in the past 3 weeks I never realized how much petty cash I would throw around that seriously adds up. Stupid things like coffee and chapstick(I have a real addiction to buying lip things). It is just way too easy for me to spend money on stuff like that because I always have cash on me. I wait tables so I always have cash at handy. Always.

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that I'm very fond of buying new clothes because I get bored easily. My new objective in my personal style is to create new outfits with what I already have. Unfortunately, I fear that I'm boring my readers but more importantly myself. I know its a little sad to say this but I feel more comfortable when I like what I wear. Its like wearing makeup. For some people it makes them feel better because they are more confident.

Ohhh look at me sounding all materialistic and vain :/


P.s I got a new internship that requires me to get a twitter. I already had one but never really used it. So won't you follow me on twitter?



  1. I've been saving my new Uni house too, such a shock to the system, having to cut down on coffee, too many magazines and stuff. Hope the saving is going well! Your outfit is lovely, the top is so pretty (:

  2. I really should start saving up money too. Ugh, it's so hard hhaah. I love your outfit! So cute :) and your hair is amazing!
    xoox Debby

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I realized recently just how much small things (such as chapstick) add up. It's saving time for me too! One of my favorite ways to save without giving up a ton is ordering water when you're out for a meal. It can easily save you like 2-4 dollars.
    Courtney Ann
    one of these days i'll get a twitter. and when i do i'll follow you.

  4. it was a debate, but I did already give away the houndstooth dress :/

    I really like how you pulled off that green color!

  5. You look amazing!! Love your top! :)