from friends who never loved you nearly half as much as me

thrifted vest & blouse, h&m skirt, UO stockings, forever 21 knee high socks
i woke up and pick out this...
and then decided it was too cold and left the door wearing this. lol not much of a difference but whatever.
my right side of the sink is not shown for a good reason. its messy. i need to tidy up. actually i think i'm doing pretty good on not being messy. thank good my roommate is neat because if she was sloppy i would be too. i realized that i have been maintaining a neat(ish) room just out of respect for her.
there was a blouse like this in Zara that i wanted over the summer but everytime i saw it i decided against buying it. a few days before halloween my friend found a HUGE thrift store. for real, when i walked in i and i was so over whelmed i didn't know where to start. among many other things i found this blouse! i really love the print.
sooo i recently got a Tumblr and i really like it. i was deciding between that and twitter and realized i don't get twitter. so, tumblr it was! i really like all the things i find on it. reblogging is fun. its different from my blogspot. its a bit more personal. i post lyrics, fashion inspirations, ramblings and reblogs. so add me if you like :) http://subways.tumblr.com xoxo, yvonne


  1. That shirt is so BEAUTIFUL! :) great vintage find!

  2. Beautiful blouse! I always love how you layer up your outfits, really like your tights and knee high socks look. xx

  3. yvonne! i love your posts, your photos always bring about this sort of summery, warm american weather feel (is it still warm where you are?) and everytime i visit your blog, i feel like going to america! i'm so intrigued to find out what it's like up there! and its funny how australia and america have the same clean and clear products, however our ones have different packaging!

  4. This is such a great outfit! you look adorable! cool vintage find i must say!

    hope, you'll stop by and leave a comment too ;)
    love&rockets, Lie


  5. I love that Outfit, the blouse is amazing!

  6. lovely blouse!
    i really love your style and your b, amazing!


  7. that blouse is so cute! I love it! You have a great vintage style. I'm now following, would love it if you'd check out my blog too and consider following back :)

  8. U R so cute! : )


  9. Hello, I'm a guy who runs one of the largest male fashion blogs. I wonder if you could tell about me in your blog so that people outside Sweden would open their eyes for me. I would of course like to thank on my blog after that.

  10. I really really really love your shirt!!!!!!

  11. I love your outfit. It's super cute.
    I love the blouse.

  12. I've the same tights! Love this outfitXXX