these are my favorite shoes at the moment. i am wearing them with everything. i bought them from Hamlet's Vintage on Bleecker St.
today, i took a spanish quiz that i thought was going to be hard. while i was taking it i knew for sure i was going to fail. then, we went over it after and found out that it wasn't as hard as i was making it out to be and that i passed. with an A :) i doubt myself way too often.
i want to learn to speak spanish fluently. i work with a lot of people that speak it and when they converse with each other i can catch a few words here and there. i think i'm getting better :)
today's song is Home by Jakokoyak
unfortunately i can't find it on youtube. in fact there aren't many songs by him on youtube. so, i guess you'll just have to take my word for it that it's good ;)


  1. you look cute in these pictures, i like the neckline of that top/dress(?)

  2. You have such a beautiful smile and eyes. I like your shirt.

  3. I love the neckline on that dress. You are so so pretty!

  4. good to hear about the spanish.
    secretly stealing your gorgeous leather shoes.

  5. oo those shoes are hooooooot!

  6. omg you are so cute! and i love your new..(okay i dont know what it's called)flowery thing over the blog!:)
    yeah I want to speak spanish fluently, but Im really terrible at it! haha. Listen to Vanilla Twilight by Owl city btw, it's really good!

  7. hot shoes and hair :)

  8. buenas suertes con tu espanol!:D im learning spanish too, i love it and the country is BEAUTIFUL. so many essays to write for it though! lol


  9. What other language do you or would you like to speak besides spanish (and english of course) ? :)
    I Really like YOUR BLOG Btw ! ♥♥♥♥

  10. your such a cutie!
    and those boots are wonderful.

  11. love your dress. are those cut outs in the neckline?

  12. Hello I like your blog and it was to know if you would indeed like to make party of my members!
    You to just man has to click the link thank you for making a tour!


  13. Good luck with Spanish, it's a good language to get the hang of, it's easier to learn when you have people to practice with.
    Ahh you are so cute!