well, alright.

my fleamarket corduroy jacket. i bought it from Hong Kong a few years ago for a few dollars. i'm pretty sure it was only a few dollars otherwise i wouldn't have bought it. the sleeve had a rip in it but i didn't mind. the best part is the fake buttons. okay, not the best part but pretty interesting. that's what you pay for when you shop at fleamarkets in Hong Kong. nothing but bootleg items. hahahahaha.
my internal clock is completely messed up. its doing WONDERS on my little eye baggies.
today's song is In The Sun by She&Him
They have a new music video for it. I love it so much! She's so freaking adorable, it puts babies and kittens to shame!


  1. I love it! Looks super good on you. I need a cute new jacket. I like the brown color! you're just lovely.

  2. Good song choice; I absolutely love She&Him! Cannot wait for Volume Two to be released.


  3. love the jacket!
    hope you don't mind, but borrowed a few photos of yours for a post. I obviously linked to you though. Check it out :)

  4. I like the last picture. And your eye bags aren't that noticable.

  5. love the layeringg <3


  6. You are so cute, I really like your hair.
    & That music video was so cute, loved it!

    Thanks for your comment ^.^
    I got the shoes from Schuh.
    That sounds good being a fast walker, I'm constantly nervous about being late so I tend to walk fast whenever I walk too D:

  7. awesome..we here at Yacht Club love your style!,come befriend us one day if you see us in soho =]


  8. I'm always love your blog!Very nice,, ;D