give me what you have, dear

my hounds tooth bag and ripped flats. the bag is from laila rowe and flats are from shi. i've had these shoes for a few years now. they've gotten pretty vintage looking now since they're a bit ripped and ratty.
blue moons have taken over my summer. its my favorite beer. a few of these while watching the sunrise, at a party or a bar. always a blue moon and always with an orange slice.
new bathroom decor. i'm always on the lookout for new wall decor.
You're a storm, So emotional, Moody and Controlled, Sly and Involved
one more month of summer and its back to school. i'm starting a new school in the fall. i'll be leaving the end of august. i'm more anxious than i am excited.
song of the day Black Grease by The Black Angels