where is the path to Wonderland?

urban outfitters knitted sweater, target shirt, h&m skirt
necklace from target. did i ever mention that i love target? well, i do. the jewelry section is amazing. it has such a great selection of rings and necklaces. nothing cheesy or cheap either. i love it. i recommend going there if you need new accessories without spending too much.
i thought this was cool
i bought this purse in China. the area where my one of family member lives, its like one giant flea market where people bargain until their faces turn blue. if you simply look at something and just walk away they'll give you a price and keep lowering until you buy it. i could be at the end of the mall and they'll still bargain with me. i honestly don't even know how to handle myself in that situation. i'm the type of person who likes to be left alone when i'm shopping. i even hate going into a store if i'm the only one in it. i've only been there a handful of times so please correct me if i'm wrong or if i'm being ignorant; but this is what i experience every time i go shopping in China.
pocketwatches. i can't look at one without thinking of the white rabbit. i know its so overdone with people loving alice in wonderland, but its something i've always loved since childhood. falling down a rabbit hole to find a whole different world and meeting people who were stranger than me. i was always wanted to be her and simply find myself in a world of my own.
i really need to find a new style where it doesn't involve black mini skirts. i have, like, 4 of them. they're like the new leggings for me. i can't stop wearing them.
song of the day is The Flame by The Black Keys


  1. wauw i really love youre style! i follow you xx

  2. i love your style, it's so original and it suits you well :D

  3. Alice in Wonderland is simply a classic! Ah, looking at you makes me sweat, aren't you hot in that cardigan!?

  4. really cute top! and oh how I wish we had Target here in Germany...
    your necklace is lovely!

  5. i love alice, my dance studio is doing a production in which she'll be featured in. i kinda hope i get her role. may i just say you always come up with the cutest and greatest outfis, jewlery, and shoes. i'm even more driven to get a necklace like that

  6. Love the theme of your post today (:



  7. Sooo cuuteee! I swear, you have the best skin ever! :D Lol.

  8. Cute! i love the detailing on your shirt! That's a cute necklace and it's cool that you found it at target. I agree, they do have a great accessory selection!

    AH, I use to work at a shoe store and had to walk up to people and harass them! >.< haha I bet you would've hated me :p

  9. I love this little watch :)

  10. ahahha, i know what you mean about the markets, they go crazy in hong kong! its quite scary actually, i usually end up running away :L lol :P

  11. The clock is so cute and you are so adorable..

    Nice blog btw :) congrats


    Daniela ♥

  12. I love the detailing of your top, so nice! And you are so cute <3

    I like the shade of your nailpolish. I used to dislike colored nail polish but lately I've grown to love it. :)

    Love you blog, i'm a follower now :D

    Lee [ spunkandglam.blogspot.com ]