I won't share your love, I need all your love

lucky brand cardigan, urban outfitters tank
my mini purse.
i need hair tips asap. i'm also really bad at doing hair. it always just up or down. sometimes i'll be fancy and curl it, but it takes so much TIME. i'd hate to be even more high maintenance than i am now.
i went to governor's island over a week ago to see Portugal. The Man. despite it being a fake beach it was pretty cool. while it started getting darker the palm trees lit up. the sun set was awesome over the city skyline.
sun is setting!
over the city skyline. i really do love new york.
sangria :)
i'm in the process of clearing out unwanted things in my room. throwing out garbage and boxing up old clothes to give away to a local thrift store. i never knew how much i had until now.


  1. You have some really nice jewellery :) Looking pretty as usual.


  2. I'm actually going to Governor's Island tomorrow! Haha and I should start cleaning out my clothes as well...I'm overdue for Spring...

    Love your portrait top by the way.

  3. I love your outfit, and sangria is nomnomnom!

  4. the owl necklace is really cute!

  5. wow those palmtrees are pretty cool!
    love your ensemble!

  6. You always having amazing jewellery :) love the owl necklace, 'tis cuute!