i forgive you boy, but don't leave town

i cannot wait for Paris :) do i have any readers that live in Paris of have been there and can tell me about places i should go to. like places to eat and shop? perhaps a very good cafe?? i'm learning a few French phrases hopefully i don't sound too horrible.
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free people cardigan, forver 21 shirt, primark bag, h&m ring
i don't know if you can tell but the cardigan is two-toned. the sleeves are beige and the rest is white.


  1. So jealous, wish I could go to Paris. That dress is darling and i love the necklace!

  2. you're going to paris?! ahh, i'm jealous.
    can't wait to hear about your trip :)

  3. Yes, my hair naturally waves like that, haha thank you! I love your the pattern on your dress and how you complemented it with the cream cardigan :) Paris is one of my dream destinations, I'm so jealous!

  4. please take lots of photos in paris for your blog!:)

  5. Oooo Lovely dress! I'm excited you're excited for paris haha Have a nice time ^-^

  6. wow!!!
    u're going to Paris?!?! dats sooo cool^^
    i luv ur ring!!
    and the outfit looks beautiful^^

  7. LaDuree definitely makes some of the tastiest Macarons ever! You should check out Galeries Lafayette and Printemps - fabulous department stores. XO

  8. oh my, you lucky girl! i'm going to london (and hopefully paris) in 2012.. let us know how paris goes!

  9. the crepes are fricken amazing, especially with nutella and whipped cream, nomnomnomnomnomn!!

  10. Bonjouur ! :)
    Je suis une française qui suis ton blog depuis un moment que je trouve d'ailleurs génial, je suis très étonnée de savoir que tu viennes en France!
    J'suis d'origine chinoise mais je suis née à Paris et j'y vis depuis près de 20ans alors si tu as besoin de conseils ou de bons plans.. I'm here ;)

  11. montmartre is the place to be! you can buy a painting of the beautiful scenery in Paris, or you can model and let yourself be drawn/painted (oh-oh, my english is terrible, but i hope you understand what i mean?)

    The artists over there are really friendly and the place breathes a homy, artistic atmosphere :)

  12. I went to Paris ten years ago!! How I wish I could go back you've got to have a French hot chocolate and any of there pasteries!! We even went on an erotic chocclatier factory tour it was funny but a good learning experience!

    I hope you have an amazing time!
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  13. SOOOOOOO jealous that you're going to Paris! Have tons of fun!

  14. You should go on the bateau-mouche. It's basically a boat that sails along the Seine. You get to see all the beautiful sites (Notre Dame...), museums, bridges on the borders and screaming + waving at people is very fun. Don't worry, they'll wave back.

    La Duree is a wonderful experience for pastry. Or Pierre Herme, I never tried this brand but my sis who lives there loves its macaroons and chocolate. And it's Blair Waldorf's favourite :)

    Oh, and the ice cream stand in front of Jardin de Luxembourg is amazinggggg.

    Galeries Lafayette is beautiful. Mostly high-end stuff but still worth visiting. The architecture is simply gorgeous.

    Have a great trip :D

  15. If you want to do some shopping, you can go to "les halles".
    You also can go on this (french) website: http://www.lesparisiens.net/ to find some good ideas!
    The "jardin du luxembrourg" is really nice and pleasant. The "Panthéon" is HUGE and it's good to visit him.

    Hope you'll have a good journey! :)

  16. email me i'll say to you, moreover i'm a partygirl so i know some nice place to have fun ;) have a nice trip stylish girl

  17. I love the idea of a two toned cardigan?! I find it so difficult to match when the cardigan is completely white or beige.
    And lucky girl! I hope you have fun in Paris!

  18. Lovely shirt! I hope you enjoy Paris!


  19. Macarons definitely, hang out in the Marais (hands down my favourite area of Paris) and go to the Orangerie for the purpose built, Monet gallery which houses his curved canvas's- the most tranquil and beautiful art space ever.

  20. Paris is amazing! You will have a ton of fun and gorgeous photos to bring home!


  21. For shopping you should definitely go to the MARAIS, there are plenty of vintage 'friperies' and cute little shops there. And 'la Place des Vosges' is a must see & a wonderful place to sit in the sun for a while.

  22. I was in Paris last year but I didn't have enough time to find out about shops and cafés cause I was so busy with visiting all sights :D
    But I can really recommend the Disney Shop on the Champs d'elysees and the huge Virgin record shop :)

  23. lovely lace collar details.


  24. That city is so beautiful. And so are you ! ^-^

  25. I fell in love with Montmartre and Latin quarter. Wish I had time to go Marais district. If you want cheap food, I recommend Rue de la Huchette, not far from River Seine :)

    Have an amazing time! I can't help but feel jealous even though I've just been!

  26. yes, take more photos of paris!! you look very cute in your floral number!


  27. You look fabulous as usual, darling and I have a very similar ring BUT OH MY GOD YOU'RE GOING TO PARIS AND I AM PISSING MYSELF WITH ENVY.

  28. Hey, I am a Parisian girl, here are my favourite address:
    - Le Fumoir
    6 rue de l'amiral Coligny
    metro: Louvre Rivoli (line 01)
    Perfect for brunch on sunday morning <3 (and near to the Louvre)

    - Le Loir Dans la Théière
    3 rue des Rosiers
    metro: Saint-Paul (line 01)
    Very (very, very) famous for its home-made pastries, and so delicious. The name of this "salon de thé" is inspired of Alice in Wonderland

    Of course, there are a lot of vintage shop in Le Marais (metro Saint-Paul), you should definitively eat macaroons at Ladurée (21 rue de Bonaparte, metro Saint-Germain des Prés - line 12). This arrondissement (the 6th) is one of my favourite. I can say that it is one of the most beautiful in Paris.

    I hope you'll enjoy your trip <3