I stop, I think, I really need a drink.

BouBou shirt, H&M scarf, Good Will bag, Wild Pair oxfords
I went thrifting this past weekend and bought a new purse from Good Will. I always find really cute purses from there. I bought another one too. Its a light pink clutch with floral designs and a gold chain attached to it. I've been using the brown one pictured above like crazy. Its so simple and it goes with almost anything. Time Will Tell by DUB FX: Please please please listen to this song! My friend was blasting this song while driving and the beat is amazing. What really made me love this song was the girl's vocals. While you're at it listen to some of his other songs. Love it.


  1. great leather bag. I've been loking for one, but can't seem to find a nice one:(

  2. amazingggg thrift- love the bag!
    gorgeous blog- thanks for the great song, i love it!