i have a thing for abandoned buildings.

Letchworth Village. Built in 1909. Opened in 1911. Shut down in 1996 A facility for feeble minded and epileptics.
This hospital housed patients with serious mental illness. Back then people didn't know what to do with their children because they simple didn't understand what a mental illness was. They were sent to Letchworth Village because they thought it was for the best. During the 90's there was a news break and they found out that patients have been treated horribly. Women were being raped and forced to get abortions. Some patients were taken home by the staff to make them do work around their house. Since it shut down this place has been a place for kids to get drunk, gang meetings, paint ball fights and the homeless to sleep. Its been set on fire a few times and vandalized in every way possible. Everything is still there. From documents of patients who were admitted there to laundry baskets filled with dirty linen. The whole places seems as though people just got up one day and never came back. Its an eerie place and yet so interesting. I've been there in 90 degree weather and the inside of the building is so cold, its like winter. I believe there are spirits still trapped in there.


  1. You couldn't convince me to step foot in there.


    Your pictures, however, are stunning. I love ugly/beautiful shit.



  2. great photos but yeah i am SO chicken. i totally agree with the other comment...i wouldn't be convinced EVER to go in there!

  3. the pictures really show what you were describing about people just getting up one day and never coming back. i really like that the last one is a little out of focus, it gives the picture a great abandoning feel. well done!


  4. Wow that is so amazing, both the pictures, then the research you did. I feel that you have a lot of compasion, just from the naritve you wrote.

    And you photograpgy is very dramatic.


  5. "...and i couldn't help but fall in love again."