bigger cages, longer chains?

H&M bowler hat, 2% knitted sweater, UO hounds tooth dress, vintage socks and shoes, Republic tote bag
This shot was taken at 6am. I put up a tie dyed sheet over my windows because I was getting so annoyed with the sun peeking through my blinders and blinding me before I can even wake up. It was a rainy day today but usually when there is sun it shines on the sheet and then painting my room with a nice orange color. Its a soothing thing to wake up to. Its a fairly old and popular song but I still love it. The video is really interesting too.


  1. Cute jumper. And, your the layering on your legs is unique and cute. XO


  2. love this great style.
    awesome dress,fabulous shoes with sweet socks,cute necklace.